Buy MJ Creams Calm Online UK

Small Cream 50ml


Buy MJ Creams Calm Online UK

Buy MJ Creams Calm Online UK

MJ Creams – Calm formulation is best for soothing muscles, and relieving irritation, stress, tension, and headaches. Also acts as a general skin and muscle tonic. Infused with Lavender, Chamomile, and Marijuana for a calming tonic cream. Soothes muscles relieve irritation, reduces stress

MJ Creams Calm Online UK

Available as a fast-acting cream and potent salve. The salves have a higher concentration of cannabinoids than the creams and will have a longer-lasting effect.

TO USE: Rub a small amount onto the affected area. Apply to pulse points for general calming tonic. Apply to the forehead and temples to relieve migraines. Re-apply after 15 minutes for stronger relief.


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