Blueberry Cookies BHO Wax UK


1 gram

THC Level : 86 %


Blueberry Cookies BHO Wax UK

Blueberry Cookies BHO Wax UK Online. Blueberry Cookies is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross between two celebrity strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry.  As the child of these heavyweight champion strains, Blueberry Cookies delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body. Sweet berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as enticing as the bud’s thick coat of frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple. She does not have a strong odor but she’s very potent! This batch is a BHO wax from Solstice, made from their indoor full flower buds.

Medical Benefits of Buy Blueberry Cookies BHO Wax Online

For those with any kind of experience with indica-leaning strains, you can probably predict what kind of medicinal benefits Blueberry Cookies will provide.

Like most indicas, Blueberry Cookies is excellent at helping deal with excessive amounts of stress, as well as other significant mental disorders. Additionally, thanks to its high THC content, Blueberry Cookies is excellent at helping deal with issues with chronic pain.


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