Super Glue Oil Vape Cartridge UK


THC 83.2%
CBD 0.2%
500 mg


Super Glue Oil Vape Cartridge UK

Super Glue Oil Vape Cartridge UK by West Coast Cure is a Hybrid that encourages a relaxed and euphoric mindset. A genetic collaboration between Afghani Landrace and Northern Lights strains, WCC’s Super Glue CUREpod is a terpene-rich vape that seemingly imparts a deep sense of physical relaxation. The Super Glue CUREpod advances an inspirational and focused moment of reflection. After the first pull from the Super Glue CUREpod, the exhaled vapors provide a skunky odor that’s both therapeutic and succulent. A functional all-purpose CUREpod for the newbie consumer, Super Glue won’t leave you stuck on the couch. *Works only with a West Coast Curepod battery.*


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