Strawnana Oil vape cartridge UK


500 mg
THC 88.3%


Strawnana Oil vape cartridge UK

Strawnana Oil vape cartridge UK, also known as Strawnana, is the sweet fruity child of Banana Kush and Bubblegum. This Indica provides fast deep relief of chronic pain and discomfort, followed by a euphoric blissed sensation. With the aromas of a sweet ripe bunch of bananas and juicy strawberries, this strain is reminiscent of a delicious fruit smoothie! When you need something a little stronger than a joint or bong hit to take the edge off of a long day, Heavy Blitz is here to answer those prayers.

This Ultra High THC cartridge will get the job done fast and easy, no question about it. The diamond sauce in this cartridge provides users with clean high-quality terpene-rich smoke. Performance: Designed for insane high highs at crazy low costs.


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