IONIC Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK


1g (1gram)


IONIC Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK

IONIC Cannabis Oil Cartridge UK online From oil quality, taste, hardware performance, effects, and smoothness – this cartridge is really top-notch. The strength of this cartridge is on par with the other strongest cartridges that we have tried. So, you’ll find this to be comparable in strength to Aces Extracts, AiroPro, Roots, and Cannavative. It’s equivalent to some of the best brands out there on strength. Therefore, nothing really to improve here on strength, top quality.

MOODS to Expect for IONIC Cannabis Oil Cart

– SOCIAL (Hybrid)

SOCIAL is our signature blend. Created using the highest quality Hybrid strains, for universal appeal and effortless sociability. Perfect for those unforgettable nights out, or at home. Enjoy with friends.

RELAX (Indica)

RELAX is a sublime blending of the highest quality Indica strains. For the ultimate tranquility as well as serenity. A truly noteworthy blend to savor while you sit back and unwind.

FOCUS (Sativa)

FOCUS is a prolific experience crafted from the highest quality Sativa strains. Balanced and delightful. This exquisite blend is best enjoyed while being creative or collaborative.

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