Abx live resin vape cartridge Online




Abx live resin vape cartridge Online

Abx live resin vape cartridge Online, ABX Live utilizes CCELL Dart technology for the highest quality vaping experience. The pods are filled with 500 mg of strain-specific live resin and high-THC distillate cannabis oil. They also utilize a magnetic connection and a proprietary battery.

Introducing ABX Live, our first-ever ABX live resin product. Available in CCELL Dart technology, It combines style, durability and a high-performance battery to deliver the highest-quality vaping experience. The ultimate companion to elevate any adventure. Experience the next level in cannabis vaporizer technology.
  • A blend of strain-specific live resin and high-THC distillate cannabis oil
  • Available in CCELL Dart technology
  • Magnetic connection
  • Inhale activated
  • Micro-USB chargeable


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