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    Pineapple Express Stiiizy Vape Cartridge UK


    1 gram
    THC 90.3%
    CBD 0.2%

    Pineapple Express Stiiizy Vape Cartridge UK

    Pineapple Express Stiiizy Vape Cartridge UK THC: 90.31% CBD: 0.179% — Stiiizy has revolutionized portable cannabis enjoyment with a cartridge that delivers a burn and leak-free vape experience. Stiiizy cannabis oils are crafted with solventless extraction, and each product is pure, uncut, and filler-free. Every Pod includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the original strain. This sativa-dominant strain was born of parent strains of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, providing an energetic high perfect for exercise, hiking, and anything requiring motivation and energy. Stizzy Pods are made exclusively for the Stizzy Pod Battery.


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