Budder Triple OG UK


1 gram

THC: 20%


Budder Triple OG UK

Budder Triple OG UK Online is the parent strain of Triangle Kush. At the point when you separate the buds of this strain, a gritty smell with feelings of pine will win. Triple OG  is an Indica dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa).  Created through a three-way cross of the infamous Triangle Kush X Constantine X Master Yoda strains.

This bud takes all of the classic effects of its celebrity parents and amplifies them. Gives a super relaxing high that’s surprisingly perfect for getting calmed down rather than amped up. You’ll feel a slight increase in happiness at the onset of the high before a heavy physical buzz comes settling in, leaving you totally couch-locked and calm before you fully drop off into an absolutely immovable state.


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