Budder Purple Lightning UK


1 gram

THC: 20%

70/30 Sativa dominant


Budder Purple Lightning UK

Budder Purple Lightning UK Online cannabis strain is a cross between Purple Indica and Northern Lights. It is a hybrid of Purple Indica and Northern Lights #5. Purple Lightning prompts solid cerebral rapture, stimulates the body and psyche, and improves the center. Advances socialization and snickers, calm pressure. Followed by profound unwinding and sedation. May cause confusion and pipedreams.  

Purple Lightning marijuana strain is a 70/30 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. This kush was bred in 1995 by the BC Bud Seed Company. Staying true to its name, the herb hits fast, like a lightning bolt. Purple Lightning is not recommended for beginners due to moderately high, up to 20% THC levels. These cannabis plants have a strong but pleasant aroma. Indoor cultivation provides larger yields. Purple Lightning buds are bright green with a generous layer of trichomes. This pot is good for daytime use.



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