9lbs Hammer Marijuana Wax UK


1 gram

A nice relaxing indica THC is at 78.98%


9lbs Hammer Marijuana Wax UK

9lbs Hammer Marijuana Wax UK Online. Santa Cruz’s award-winning indica hybrid Nine Pound Hammer also comes in the wax form at the well-reviewed Killer Weed Market. Perfect for vape pens- dab rigs- bowl toppers or joint boosters- it’s fast-acting and potent indica relief for certain types of pain- spasms- inflammation- and insomnia– at just a fraction of the inhaled material as smoking raw bud.

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9 Pound Hammer imparts some subtle mental stimulation. While it may not trigger intense, cerebral thinking. It can alter perception, making sounds or colors take on a new intensity. If the dosage is increased, this strain is liable to cause couch-lock, sapping energy and motivation along with any lingering pain and stress. As a result, 9 Pound Hammer is best enjoyed at night when its strong sedative effects can easily transition into sleep.


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