Old Groovy Bubble Hash UK



Old Groovy Bubble Hash UK

Old Groovy Bubble Hash UK, Hash or hashish, is the product of collecting resin stalks, trichomes, or THC, from cannabis plants. This classic form is commonly collected by growers when they handle mature plants. Bubble hash, full melt, or ice wax is the product of ice-water extraction. It’s one of the safest and cleanest forms of hash. Since the resinous trichomes don’t get absorbed by water, it simply washes the trichome heads off the plant matter (rather than using a solvent to absorb the trichomes).

The product is a stable, grainy texture. Ice wax is an extraction technique popularized by Matt Rize that provides a cleaner product. The resinous trichomes of the plant rub off on their hands, thus creating the common terminology for it: rub. In some areas, it’s referred to as finger or scissor hash. When the plants are trimmed after curing, they also trickle down trichomes. Growers tend to trim over a silk screen, and the sieved product is what’s commonly referred to as kief. It’s also collected in grinders with screens inside, though without a filter through a proper silk screen, it’s not truly a hash.


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